Aug 14, 2018 • 32M

1: Excusez-là! - Excerpts from a personal trip through the Québec traditional music universe.

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Vizou (Dana Whittle)
Stories from a creative and curious bilingual parent, musician, artist, writer and feminist in rural Québec, with a special focus on the cultures of language, music and technology.
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Episode 1 - Excerpts from my ongoing trip through the Québec traditional music universe - an informal Québec Trad 101.


Date : August 5, 2018

Excerpts, background music : Used courtesy of Claude Méthé (L’Amant Confesseur), Aimé Gagnon (Violoneux d’origine), Dentdelion (La Tondeuse), Hélène Fournier (from project Le Bal des Animaux). Field recordings by Dana Whittle, public domain, and

Theme music “My Radio’s Frozen”, ©2018 Avilda Moore. All rights reserved.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Vizou, Sainte-Béatrix, Québec.

Sponsors : Howie & Bebe Whittle, Warren, VT

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Copyright ©2018 Dana Whittle / Vizou. All rights reserved.